So you’ve found me! Grab a warm drink, put some socks on, and feel free to sift through the four inquiries I currently have on the go.

A little bit about me,

I’ve grown up in the small town of 150 Mile House in central B.C. My hobbies growing up were selling my chicken eggs, riding my horse Hero, and playing the fiddle. I had no sense of what the rest of the world was up to, but I was an active member of my community.

Image: William’s Lake Tribune

Together We Can forum held in Williams Lake

I have had the true gift of growing up surrounded by First Nations culture.

My dad is a First Nations police officer. As my dad learned (and continues to learn) the dance between federal law and the conventions of the First Nations peoples, he was also working hard to understand his own Metis identity. It has been a privilege to learn through him, and to have the opportunity through the relations of his work; to attend Christmas potlatches, First Nations fastball tournaments, and metis fiddling events on the reserves surrounding my town. As a future educator I feel obligated to accompany a role in this community as well.

Remembering, Recovering and Reconciling


Moving to the massive, daunting, city of Victoria, I felt overwhelmed with opportunity. The city was a massive adjustment of energy and social culture. Since moving to the city, I have learned to both love and look down on my small hometown. There is a lot to improve on, as much as there is to love.